Stephanie Manuel Photography

Hi, I am Stéphanie Manuel, a passionate photographer specialised in nature, wildlife, portrait and travel photography.

I live on the beautiful little island of Mauritius in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Fascinated by the tropical nature and environment, I volunteer in a local wildlife conservation organisation to immerse myself for several days into a world of the endemic species of Mauritius. This was the turning point! I know that photography is my dream job.

During a trip through Europe, with my Mauritian hospitality background, I developed my travel photography style.

Attentive to the light, colours and the rich biodiversity, which reflect on the multicultural people here, I improved my skills through observation and exploration.

With a sensitive and poetic approach to photography, I like to have a closer look at unexpected beauty and always aspire to share the subject’s genuine feeling beyond the lens!

I now invite you to immerse into my colourful world made of turquoise ocean, red starfish, playful birds, curious cute geckos and sunkissed encounters…

Enjoy the visit

Stephanie x

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