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Sharing nature and photography passion

Blue mistflower Bois Cherie
Blue mistflower (Conoclinium coelestinum) in the forest ~ highlands of Mauritius

How great it is to plan a visit of the island with a great photographer and friend!

Following a post from a wildlife photographer about the lack of female wildlife photographers, I met Gabby Salazar, a brilliant photographer from America. She is actually on Mauritius Island for a special visit and we went for nature exploration last week on the highlands, around Bois Chéri and the Black River Gorges.

Bright orange lichen on a pine tree
Bright orange lichen on a pine tree
Bamboo orchids (Arundina graminifolia)
Bamboo orchids (Arundina graminifolia)
Trio of Bamboo orchids
Trio of Bamboo orchids (Arundina graminifolia) growing along the side of the hiking path in Black River Gorges National Park
White star of Bethlehem flowers (laurentia)
White star of Bethlehem flowers (laurentia)
A day gecko basking on the traveller's tree (Ravenala madagascariensis)
A day gecko basking on the traveller’s tree (Ravenala madagascariensis)

Gabby has a special eye for patterns and is a big fan of orchids. She is also a specialist in photography workshops in America and showed me some cool techniques. I specially love the painting effect when she took a picture of some amazing trees covered in bright orange fungi.



Since we are both nature lovers and passionate photographers, we weren’t discouraged by the rain or wind on the highlands but rather patiently wait to capture amazing shots to share with you: gorgeous orchids, colourful geckos, delicate flowers and other tropical species.

This was an overview. I will be posting more soon!

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