Botanical garden exploration, Mauritius

When was your last visit at the nearest botanical garden? No idea? Well I invite you on a brief visit of the Pamplemousses botanical garden in Mauritius, meet amazing wildlife (fruit bats, Ring-necked Parakeet and Green-backed Heron) and enjoy the … Read More

Sunrise to sunset, southern coast of Mauritius

With Gabby, we decided to explore the sunrise light by a mangrove beach near La Preneuse, a coastal village in the south of Mauritius. So at 5:30am we packed up with charged cameras, tea, coffee and sandwiches! There were no … Read More

Orchids of the Black River Gorges National Park

With our lunch packed and camera charged, me and Gabby were ready for a special hike in the Black River Gorges, one of the main national parks of Mauritius. Gabby is an amazing conservation photographer friend from America with whom … Read More

Sharing nature and photography passion

How great it is to plan a visit of the island with a great photographer and friend! Following a post from a wildlife photographer about the lack of female wildlife photographers, I met Gabby Salazar, a brilliant photographer from America. … Read More

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